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Open Ireland Network is a community of individuals and organisations who are involved in the open ecosystem in Ireland, encompassing open source software, InnerSource, open source hardware, open data, open science, and open innovation. The network includes representatives from industry, public sector, academia and those who are personally involved in the open ecosystem. The network is a volunteer organization set up with the support of Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet. 


This group was set up in response to a call from a community event held in February 2021. We hope it will provide a place to connect with the broader open ecosystem in Ireland; to share learnings, challenges and opportunities; and to help the open ecosystem thrive in Ireland.


Our mission is to increase Ireland’s success in the global open ecosystem. 

We have identified 3 immediate priorities for the network:

1. Help connect the various open ecosystems in Ireland, so we can share learnings and challenges. This ecosystem goes beyond open source software, and related opportunities often touch OSS, open hardware, open data and more.

2. Help shift the narrative around open source software in Ireland to make people aware of how the global ecosystem is evolving, the related opportunities for Ireland, and the great work already happening here.

3. Identify skills that we need in Ireland to create a thriving local open ecosystem and fill any skills or systems gaps.

We look forward to working on all three together!

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