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Open Source in Europe – Trends & Regulations

Come along to this session to discover the Latest Insights from Linux Foundation Research’s Europe Spotlight 2023 report and hear about the Cyber Resilience Act and the implications for everyone involved in open source development.

This is a free event but registration is essential.


5:00 pm – 6:15 pm

  • [05 mins] Intro and Welcome
  • [20 mins] Colin Eberhardt – What’s the State of Open Source in Europe? 
  • [10 mins] Q and A
  • [20 mins] Ciarán O’Riordan – The Cyber Resilience Act and Impact on OSS
  • [10 mins] Q and A
  • [10 mins] Wrap-up and Community News

Session Details

Colin Eberhardt – What’s the State of Open Source in Europe?

Open source is a dominant force in the global digital economy, and as software continues to define industries, open source software plays a critical role.

While open source is a truly global phenomenon, regional dynamics are at play. LF Research has once again joined forces with UK Consultancy Scott Logic and numerous stakeholders to conduct a new study exploring the current priorities and challenges of open source specific to Europe. With fresh qualitative and quantitative insights, this presentation will share fresh insights and trends in European open source communities through industry usage, emerging priority technologies, and the impact of leadership. 

In this session, Colin Eberhardt, one of the authors of the report will give an overview of the main insights included. 

Ciarán O’RiordanUnderstanding the Cyber Resilience Act

The European Union is making big changes to cybersecurity requirements with its proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). You may have heard about the CRA’s potential impact on the open source ecosystem. But what does the Cyber Resilience Act mean for you? In this session, Ciarán O’Riordan, Senior Policy Advisor at Open Forum Europe will give an overview of CRA and discuss the implications for everyone involved in open source development.


avatar for Colin Eberhardt

Colin Eberhardt

Scott Logic, CTO

I’m the CTO at Scott Logic, a UK-based software consultancy where we create complex applications for our financial services clients. I’m an avid technology enthusiast, spending my evenings contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts and learning as much as I can. I’m an active member of both FINOS and Linux Foundation, contributing to numerous projects (Vuu, FDC3, Perspective) and have collaborated with Linux Foundation Research on a number of surveys and research projects. I’ve spoken at numerous conferences, including QCon (London and New York), Open Source Strategy Forum, State of Open Con, FinJS, Full Stack NYC, Swift Summit, iOSDevUK and various meetups and smaller events.

avatar for Ciarán O’Riordan

Ciarán O’Riordan

OpenForum Europe, Senior Policy Advisor

Senior Policy Advisor at OFE, Ciarán O’Riordan has been working in Brussels since 2004 with a focus on EU policy and free and open source software. His work in the sector includes copyright and patent policy in the EU, patent policy in the US, and community engagement for the drafting of version 3 of the GNU General Public License. He also brings policy experience from the automotive sector, GDPR, and corporate finance. He studied law at UCLouvain Saint-Louis Bruxelles.  A user of GNU/Linux since 1998, Ciarán worked as a software developer in Dublin before his move to Brussels.


avatar for Clare Dillon

Clare Dillon

Open Ireland Network, Co-founder

Clare Dillon has spent over 25 years working with developers and developer communities. She is currently a researcher at the University of Galway. She is a co-founder of the Open Ireland Network, a community for those interested in advancing open source at a national level in Ireland. From 2021 – 2023, she served as the inaugural Executive Director of InnerSource Commons, a community of practitioners with the goal of creating and sharing knowledge about InnerSource: the use of open source best practices for software development inside organizations. Clare also works with University Open Source communities globally. Previously, Clare was a member of Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team, heading up their Developer Evangelism and Experience Group. Clare frequently speaks at international conferences and corporate events on topics relating to the future of work, innovation trends and digital ethics.

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